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Families-What to Wear

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I’m so excited we get to meet for family portraits! Now the next step is finding those perfect outfits for your family session! For starters, you may feel the urge to put everyone in the same color or similar outfits. RESIST THIS URGE! Find a color palette that just speaks to you… two or three colors that complement each other. And then when you shop, mix it up. Don’t put all the boys in one color and the girls in another. Try patterns, plaids, color blocking or stripes! Just be sure the colors you have chosen coordinate and complement each other. Feel free to layer skirts, leggings, sweaters or cardigans and go out and get some accessories to bring the outfits together! My biggest pet peeve is when clients come in the same color shirt and jeans. And please, please please, don’t show up in an ironic T-shirt. It may perfectly describe your personality, but that will be the only thing people see when they view the photo. No characters or licensed apparel either. Feel free to text me a picture of what your entire family plans on wearing. I love this! Then I can offer feedback to make sure your family session is just tremendous!



The Senior Experience

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At KAP Seniors, we know high school seniors are busy with school, activities and friends, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want a fabulous senior portrait experience! That’s why we do all the work for you! You bring your fabulous self to the studio, along with 5 of your favorite outfits and we’ll do your hair, makeup and choose the best looks and locations for your Senior Session!  We’ll make you look and feel like a star!  Soooo, are you ready for your closeup?

Newborn Sessions

I am no longer doing newborn sessions. I can, however, refer you to another photographer who can assist you with your newborn photography needs. 

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