Five Easy Tips for a Successful Newborn Session | Utah Newborn Photography

The first few weeks after having a baby can be a whirlwind. I know, I’ve done it four times 🙂 But in between balancing being a new mom and wondering if your body will ever bounce back-a thought may cross your mind… I better get some newborn photos before this child gets any bigger!

But preparing yourself for your baby’s newborn session should start well before you even have your baby. Where on earth do you begin?  


1. Ask your referrals– You have probably seen some amazing newborn photography at a few of your friends’ homes. Ask who took the photos. Then visit the photographer’s website and see if their style meshes with yours. Check out their Facebook and Instagram. They may even have a Snapchat. Instagram stories and Snapchat are actually really good ways to see your photographer’s style and personality.

2. Decide the style you want and what you want to spend-Some photographers do in studio sessions. Some come to your home and do lifestyle sessions. You and your partner should decide what style you want and what you want to spend before you hire a photographer. It’s never fun to discover the photographer you love and have to have is waaaaaay out of your price range.

3. Collect a special item or two to make your session unique-I absolutely love it when a client brings in a special blanket that Grandma made, or a crocheted beanie made by Aunt Eliza. It ensures that your newborn session is unique. And every time you look at the photo, you will be reminded of the person who made the item. I love it!

4. Be prepared for a marathon session-Newborn sessions can last anywhere from 2-3 hours. Every session and baby is different. One newborn may sleep through the whole thing while other newborns may be fussy. Be prepared for both scenarios. And bring plenty of formula if you bottle feed, diapers and wipes. It’s not if a newborn will poop on the photographer’s bean bag, but when!

5. Lend a helping hand-If your health after having baby allows it, offer to help the photographer. Newborn safety should be your newborn photographer’s first priority. And sometimes they might have to reach for their camera across the floor after situating the baby. Be prepared to keep a hand or two on the baby if need be.  

I hope you’re feeling a bit more prepared for your newborn session. Just remember, the perfect time for those squishy newborn photos is between 7-14 days. After that, they start stretching out their little legs and it can be a little more difficult. So keep that in mind 🙂 Good luck!          


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