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For the 3rd leg of our trip, we headed to the south of France to Marseille. We stayed in this great little AirBnB by the port in the Panier district of town. There were restaurants and shops everywhere. And much to Mikey’s excitement, lots and lots of seafood 🙂 We took a plane from London to Marseille and spent the last half of the day exploring Marseille.  We found Fort St. Jean within walking distance and headed there. It was free, so bonus!

Le Panier District of Marseille 


Day 2: Hiking in Calanques National Park. (Pretty much the reason we came to the South of France.)

Wine Vineyards in Cassis on the way to our hike in the Calanques

This. I saw this exact view in a photo online and decided I must hike this place!




After our hike, we decided to check out a cute nearby town called Cassis. It is now officially my favorite seaside town! What I pictured when I imagined the south of France.

The view from our restaurant.

Frites with everything!

I wanted every single thing in this shop. EVERY. THING!

Watching the locals play les boules.

Next: Marseille, Cassis: Part Two.


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