Last few days in France | Marseille-Cassis | Utah Travel Photographer

Since it was raining on our last day in Marseilles, we decided to check out a local museum on the other side of town, the Musee des Beaux Arts. The exterior of this place was absolutely stunning! Getting there, however, proved to be quite challenging. If you’ve traveled anywhere in Europe, you know the streets are narrow, and the drivers are crazy. Well, we rented a car for our time in Marseille, and Mike was very frustrated with the drivers and the parking, etc. To be honest, he really hated driving. There were words that came out of his mouth I had never heard before! So we go to find a parking spot to go to the museum, and we can’t find anything anywhere. We start to go around a block, and the road gets more and more narrow. We notice as we pass that there are scrapes on cars and mirrors are ripped off. We barely make it to the end without a scratch and we realize… THERE’S NO OUTLET. To one side is a park, to the other is a building. And to the front of us is a flight of stairs. Sooooo, Mike says, “I guess we could Jason Bourne-it down the stairs?!?” We both laughed pretty hard. So we backed out VERY carefully and eventually found a parking space a couple of blocks away. On the way out of the museum, we witnessed an accident. It was a pretty eventful day!


The clouds parted and we were able to spend the afternoon soaking up the sun on the beach in Cassis-Le Plage du Bestouan. 



Next up! Versailles 🙂   

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